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iCapture U

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Level Up Your Content

Although smartphone camera quality has improved, it’s still no match for the rich creative functionality of USB webcam, USB microscopeor or USB document camera which adds features such as optical zoom, depth of field and wearable. 

Power Consumption : 2.5W

(It can work 6 hours with 5000mAh power bank)
Power Supply : USB Type C, 5V 2A
Input Port : USB Type A (USB UVC Input)
Output Port : USB Type A / Micro HDMI

Max Stream Resolution : 1080p @30fps
Weight : 125g
Dimensions : 97mm x 46mm x 24mm(L x W x H)
Operating Temperature : 0~45℃

Operating Humidity : 20~90%

Storage Temperature :  -20~60℃

Let's See the introduction of iCapture U

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