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Mobile Live Streaming anytime, anywhere

with iOS device.

Advatages of MediaLink

01 / Born for iOS

Offering the first capture card, iCapture S / iCapture U for iPhone to the world. With MediaLink Apps, it would be a perfect solution for streamer streaming anytime, anywhere.

02 / Highly Fluency 

iCapture S / iCapture U works with MediaLink Apps perfectly. It is designed for iOS system. Audience can enjoy highly fluency of live streaming video. MediaLink can support max bitrate up to 16Mbps. It's much higher than performance of Android.

03 / Stream Steadily

In order to live streaming steadily, iPhone is connected with iCapture S / iCapture U through physical cable. We don't have to worry about wireless signal interference and stream under ultra low video latency, even less than 60ms.

04 / EASY to Use

After connecting cables, users don't have to set up anything. The video is passing to iOS device from external camera directly. One touch integration with Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch.

Make You Pro

Create-MediaLink enables anyone to do mobile live streaming professionally. Through iCapture S / iCapture U, we can capture an external video source into iPhone/iPad and stream to Facebook, Youtube or Twitch easily. MediaLink Switcher is with lots of advanced features to produce a professional live show. The intuitive interface is so easy to operate. We can edit it in real time all by yourself. 

iCapture S/U + MediaLink Switcher + iPhone = Mobile Live Studio

Let's See the introduction of Mobile Live Studio

Use Cases

MediaLink streaming solutions can be used by citizen journalists or social media influencers for online news, sport games, advertising, church, education,IRL(In Real Life),celebration events, NGO & Nonprofit and more. Live streaming your content to Facebook Live, Youtube Live or Twitch anytime and anywhere.

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